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Garage Door Repairman has earned its reputation for garage door maintenance, repairs and servicing in Calgary over the past 10 years. We service all types of garage doors. Our highly qualified and experienced Walden garage door repair team can undertake any type of job relating to garage doors. We undertake any size of work, small or large – no matter if it’s an emergency or a job that can wait.

A general service and preventative maintenance should be performed on domestic garage doors systems every 12 months and every 6 months for commercial or industrial systems. Additionally, regular servicing to a door or gate system is commonly a condition of manufacturers warranties, as well as ensuring the best performance and safety of the door for you.

We undertake all aspects of residential Walden garage door repairs, servicing and garage door troubleshooting including but not limited to broken springs, rusty garage doors or tracks, door opener repairs, garage door sensors, infrared beams, door repairs. Contact Us for any residential Walden garage door repairs and installation services. We provide same day services and 24 hour emergency door repairs in Calgary. however Garage Door Opener Repairs Walden

Walden Garage Door Repair
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Walden Garage Door Repair


24/7 Garage Door Emergency Repairs Walden


Searching online for emergency garage door repairs Walden? Then it’s likely you’re wanting a company that can repair your garage as soon as possible. Luckily, you can trust in Garage Door Repairman to deliver what you need. When issues occur after hours, you can count on us. We will have someone come and fix your garage door. We help you avoid inconvenience by offering garage door repairs 24/7. So, regardless of when your garage door gets stuck, you can contact us. Our promise is to always provide you with efficient, prompt and professional service.




(403) 667-2190

Spring Replacement Walden

Garage Door Spring Replacement Walden

Are you in need of urgent garage door spring repairs? Then you should only place your trust in an expert technician. At Garage Door REpairman, we’re dedicated towards our work. Moreover, we don’t throw the terms “expert” and “professional” around carelessly. We strive to provide quality service and customer satisfaction. As a result, we can ensure to complete all garage repairs Walden to the highest standard. Our team will also ensure that all components and hardware of your garage door are up to scratch. Moreover, we will verify that your garage door meets all safety standards.

With cost-effective choices and a highly experienced Walden garage door repair team, you really can't go wrong. Call us today!

The Professional Garage Door Services Difference

We do not toss the word ‘Professional’ around loosely, and there is a concrete reason why we attach it to our name. For us, to be called a ‘professional’ means to have the capability and equipment needed to provide quality service- and that is exactly what you can expect from us. When you turn to us for garage door opener repair or service, you can trust that we will be able to fix any issue your sectional door might have. Aside from that, we will ensure that the problem is resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

Spring Replacement Walden

Garage Door Opener Installation Walden

When you are looking for maintenance and repair specialists for garage door openers in Walden, turn to Garage Door Repairman. For over 10 years, we have been providing prompt, reliable and quality services to residential customers in the area. You can give us a call and you can expect us to repair any broken garage door opener, no matter what brand, make and style it is.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems we Can Fix:

  • Garage door openers that are unresponsive to their remote controller
  • Difficulties with the sensory pads
  • Partially closing and then reversing garage doors
  • Garage doors that do not close all the way
  • Torsion spring that’s worn out or broken
  • Garage door cable that’s been frayed or broken
  • Malfunctioning switch
  • Activating on its own
  • Won’t move via any command Garage Door Opener Repairs Walden


(403) 667-2190

Why Choose Garage Door Repairman Walden ?

We strive for excellence in the service we provide. Walden garage door repairs.

Over the 10 years we’ve been in business we’ve attended a variety of emergency garage door repairs all over Calgary. These have ranged from things like broken panel springs to factory doors that have been ram-raided and have even had to secure doors from falling down when walls have been driven through. Our expert technicians are well equipped with the knowledge and tools to make sure that we can service any job, big or small.

Walden garage door services

Although sturdy in its construction, your garage door requires regular maintenance to ensure a full life of smooth reliable operation. We recommend you get your door serviced every 12 months by a qualified service technician; this will prevent major problems occurring in the future and ensures your warranties remain valid. Here at Garage Door Repairman, we have qualified technicians available to carry out garage door servicing and maintenance at competitive prices. Contact us today to get started!

As long as the replacement parts are available from our suppliers, we are able to repair most garage door mechanisms and frames.  We also hold many of the more common part within our own stock.

In general it is difficult to say accurately as each repair may require a different amount of work, common repairs usually take will take between 20 mins to 1 hour.

If you are not home during the time of repair this is not a problem, as long as access to the garage can be arranged either by leaving a key with a neighbour, leaving a key in a safe position, or possibly leaving the garage door unlocked. The engineer will then complete the work and can either return the key to the neighbour or safe place, or post the key through the letter box of your property.
As general practice we book all of our appointments in advance by about 2-3 working days, (during busier times this may increase due to demand).
Yes we do repair many different old garage doors. We are able to repair these using replica parts that are still currently produced even though the manufacturer may be out of business.


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