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If you’ve reached a certain age, you probably remember a time before garage doors were all automated. Or as we like to call it, the bad old days. Fortunately, they’re one of the perks of modern living.

We’re a family-owned business of garage door specialists. We work on commercial garage doors, industrial doors, and residential garage doors. If it’s a door, and its on your garage, we can help!

We have been doing this a long time too. Well over fifteen years. It’s how we have built a reputation as the best garage door repair company for Okotoks area. We’re proud of that reputation too. It’s why we offer a soup to nuts service. Everything from checking your springs to reprogramming your operator. Or even replacing the whole thing. We’re fully trained and highly experienced. Our technicians and customer service team are fast and friendly. And if you need emergency garage door repairs, we can be there 24 hours a day. therefore Garage Door Repairs Okotoks, Okotoks Garage Door Repairs

Okotoks Garage Door Repair
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Okotoks Garage Door Repair


24/7 Garage Door Emergency Repairs Okotoks

We know the feeling. You arrive at the shop in the morning. The crews need to get their work trucks out and get on the road. But the garage door won’t budge, and you’ve got angry customers all over the phone lines. Even if it’s 7am, that’s no problem. We offer around the clock emergency repair service for situations just like this. There’s always a trained technician on call with a fully stocked truck, ready to help you.

Don’t stress, panic, or worry. If your door won’t open, close or anything in between, any time of the day or night, call us! We’re happy to help.


(403) 667-2190

Spring Replacement Okotoks

Garage Door Spring Replacement Okotoks

Garage door springs really are an engineering marvel. To think that such a simple piece of metal can be so important to the whole garage door.

But they are, and they also have a limited lifespan. Garage door springs literally do all the heavy lifting. So, when they aren’t working, your door is either not safe, or not moving at all. Either way, you need help. Our garage door techs are spring repair experts. They can tell if your springs just need to be adjusted, or if they are worn out. They’ll look for springs that are worn, rusted or damaged. If they need to be replaced, they’ll do the job quickly and safely.

A garage door with damaged springs can be dangerous. So don’t delay! Call our team of Okotoks garage door repair specialists, and get it fixed today!

Okotoks Garage Door Repair

The Professional Garage Door Services Difference

We know there are fly by night operators out there. They advertise on classified sites, offer rates that seem too good to be true, and you’re tempted. Don’t be. Only a professional garage door company can offer you a guaranteed repair.

Our Okotoks garage door repair team will always arrive on time. We’ll have all the tools and spares right in our truck, so we can get the job done fast. While our technicians are fixing the problem, they’ll also check everything else. So, you’ll know before it even becomes a problem if you have to get any other repairs done. therefore Garage Door Emergency Repairs Okotoks

Spring Replacement Okotoks

Garage Door Opener Installation Okotoks

The garage door opener is an amazing machine. It combines tracks, chains, springs, circuits, and all kinds of other complicated parts into a compact package. The unit opens a garage door that can weigh well over 100 several times a day. With safety features correctly installed, it will automatically reverse. It stands to reason that you want it installed by an expert. We’re ready to help!

Common Garage Door Opener Problems We Can Fix:

  • Broken or damaged sensors
  • Doors that automatically reverse.
  • Doors that don’t close fully.
  • Switches and circuit boards with faults
  • Garage door remotes that don’t work
  • Damaged or broken springs
  • Doors that open on their own.

hence Okotoks Garage Door Repairs, Okotoks Garage Door Repair


(403) 667-2190

Why Choose Garage Door Repairman Okotoks ?

You only have to ask our loyal customers why we’re the #1 for Okotoks garage door repairs!

But we think it might have something to do with the fact that all our technicians are fully trained and highly experienced. Or maybe our fast and friendly service.

We go the extra mile to make sure our customers can get in and out of their garage safely. It’s something that we’ve done for a very long time too. In fact, we’ve been helping customers throughout the Okotoks area for fifteen years! With same day appointments and a 24-hour emergency service if you need it. We only use the best quality parts too – and we usually have what you need in stock!

Okotoks garage door services & Manufacturer’s Recommendations

If you thought you could just install a garage door and opener and leave it at that, think again. To keep them working properly, they need to be serviced.

Manufacturers recommend that this is done every year to year and a half. In fact, they often require you to do this to maintain your product warranty.

Dust, moisture, and other things that are common in your garage can all affect the way your garage door opener works. So, checking that the unit is clean and dry is how we start the service.

Then we make sure that all the parts are working properly and replace them if they aren’t. We can reprogram and recalibrate the opener too, to make sure it’s completely safe and functional.

Did you know? Manufacturers recommend that garage doors be serviced every 12-18 months. The reasons for this are:

A proper service of your garage door and opener can keep it working safely and smoothly all year round.

Our team of garage door experts in Okotoks is happy to service your door for you. A regular service will keep you safe and save you money. It’s definitely a win win situation! Call now to book your garage door service!


As long as the replacement parts are available from our suppliers, we are able to repair most garage door mechanisms and frames.  We also hold many of the more common part within our own stock.

In general it is difficult to say accurately as each repair may require a different amount of work, common repairs usually take will take between 20 mins to 1 hour.

If you are not home during the time of repair this is not a problem, as long as access to the garage can be arranged either by leaving a key with a neighbour, leaving a key in a safe position, or possibly leaving the garage door unlocked. The engineer will then complete the work and can either return the key to the neighbour or safe place, or post the key through the letter box of your property.
As general practice we book all of our appointments in advance by about 2-3 working days, (during busier times this may increase due to demand).
Yes we do repair many different old garage doors. We are able to repair these using replica parts that are still currently produced even though the manufacturer may be out of business.


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