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Homeowners are advised that most garage door repairs should be handled by highly trained technicians or individuals with sound mechanical expertise. If there are any doubts about your ability to handle the repairs due to a lack of tools or workplace safety issues to handle your garage door or opener, please don’t hesitate to call us and avoid the risks of accidents. Bear in mind that your safety and well-being is more valuable than the trivial repair cost involved in having a well-trained technician to get the job done for you. Please avoid any personal injuries or further damage to your garage door and home. Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Allow our friendly and competent Cranston Garage Door Repair technicians to assess the damage and give you available options. Most of the time, we are able to repair and provide a replacement for parts within the day. But just in case, on rare occasions, that the accessories or replacement parts are not readily available within the day, we will let you know. We always do our best to cater to your priorities and needs. We understand how valuable a garage door really is. It provides the security and safety of your home. Let us handle your residential garage door service and repairs as soon as possible. however

Cranston Garage Door Repair
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Cranston Garage Door Repair


24/7 Garage Door Emergency Repairs Cranston


Whether your garage door has been giving you warning signs that something is not quite right or suddenly gives up overnight, it’s never an option to have a garage door that doesn’t work!

If you’re in need for a garage door repair, fast, Garage Door Repairman is the company for you. We understand how important your garage door is for not only home access but security as well. This is why we offer emergency garage door repairs Cranston 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In the event of an emergency, we have a dedicated emergency number manned by our on-call Cranston Garage door repair technician.



(403) 667-2190


Garage Door Spring Replacement Cranston

Here at Garage Door Repairman, springs are usually replaced in sets.

When the first spring breaks, the load is quickly shifted to the remaining spring. This applies significantly more tension then what the spring is used to and greatly weakens the steel coil.

Once your broken spring is replaced, the surviving spring (in its weakened state) has to work as efficiently as the new spring, and in an effort to keep up, breaks in the process.

With cost-effective choices and a highly experienced Cranston garage door repair team, you really can't go wrong. Call us today!




Garage Door Opener Installation Cranston

The garage door opener typically plays a vital role in the daily operation of any automatic garage door. Without this helpful technology, property owners need to exit the vehicle and manually raise and lower the overhead door in order to use the garage.

Garage Door Opener Repairs and Installations requires the services of a skilled, well-trained garage door expert.

The garage door opener replacement cost varies based on the brand of the opener and the specific type of repair issue. However, by relying upon our quality Cranston garage door opener replacement and repair team, you’ll receive important garage door opener advice and repairs to get your garage door back up and running fast.




(403) 667-2190

Why Choose Garage Door Repairman Cranston ?

We strive for excellence in the service we provide. Cranston garage door repairs.

Over the 10 years we’ve been in business we’ve attended a variety of emergency garage door repairs all over Calgary. These have ranged from things like broken panel springs to factory doors that have been ram-raided and have even had to secure doors from falling down when walls have been driven through. Our expert technicians are well equipped with the knowledge and tools to make sure that we can service any job, big or small.

Cranston garage door services

Our team is happy to assist homeowners throughout Calgary by providing skilled garage door services. Whether you’ve decided to replace an outdated opener, or you’d like to upgrade an existing garage door system, we offer fast, reliable services and guarantee our work.

As long as the replacement parts are available from our suppliers, we are able to repair most garage door mechanisms and frames.  We also hold many of the more common part within our own stock.

In general it is difficult to say accurately as each repair may require a different amount of work, common repairs usually take will take between 20 mins to 1 hour.

If you are not home during the time of repair this is not a problem, as long as access to the garage can be arranged either by leaving a key with a neighbour, leaving a key in a safe position, or possibly leaving the garage door unlocked. The engineer will then complete the work and can either return the key to the neighbour or safe place, or post the key through the letter box of your property.
As general practice we book all of our appointments in advance by about 2-3 working days, (during busier times this may increase due to demand).
Yes we do repair many different old garage doors. We are able to repair these using replica parts that are still currently produced even though the manufacturer may be out of business.


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