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An automated garage door is one of life’s little luxuries. There’s nothing quite as convenient as opening your door at the press of a button when there’s snow or rain falling. But, while most garage door openers are built to last, even the best sometimes need a little attention. That’s exactly what we do. With many years of experience behind us, we’re the go to for Dalhousie garage door repair and services. If your door is not working the way it used to, we can help. Don’t wait until you’re locked in or out! Call today and let one of our expert technicians take a look, and get it fixed fast. Dalhousie Garage Door Repairs, however Garage Door Spring Replacement Dalhousie

Dalhousie Garage Door Repair
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Dalhousie Garage Door Repair


Garage Door Spring

Replacement Dalhousie

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a spring would be so critical to your garage door. But these simple pieces of coiled steel actually connect the major parts of your garage door and make it possible for them to work. The spring connects to a shaft, which turns a drum, which wind cables. It’s all driven by your garage door opener motor, but without the spring, none of it would work. Which is why it’s so important that they are in good working order. Our team of garage door techs know exactly how to safely check, adjust, and replace your garage door springs. They arrive with all the equipment needed to get the job done too, so there’s no long weight. If you suspect your garage door springs are not working at their peak, contact us. This is not a job that we recommend you try a DIY solution to. But, left unattended, damaged, or faulty springs can be dangerous.




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Dalhousie Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Cable Replacement Dalhousie

If your garage door springs are the hidden power lifters of your garage door, the cables are the tightrope walkers. Just like aerial acrobats, their job is all about balance. In fact, the network of cables on your garage door are a big part of how it operates. With just the right tension on just the right parts of the door system, your garage door cables keep everything square. Square and level are two of the most important things for a working garage door. So, if something goes wrong with the cables, the whole door might have trouble working.

You can see your garage door cables on the side of the door. Sometimes, you can see that there’s a problem. Maybe they’re not lubricated. Or maybe there’s visible physical damage. But even if you can’t spot the problem, our garage door specialists can.

Dalhousie Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Opener Installation Dalhousie

If you don’t have a garage door opener yet (or you have one that’s way too old to fix) we can help! Our garage door specialists don’t just fix garage doors. They install new ones too!

Our crews are fully equipped to install your new garage door and door opener. We can install a whole new system or, very often, retrofit what you already have. We work on single and double garage doors and can offer solutions for nearly every setup. And with our mobile garage door service vehicles, we can do everything quickly and efficiently. There’s no long wait for an install, and we can provide you with a comprehensive quote before you go ahead. With expert advice, you know you’re always making a solid investment that will last. So don’t wait for the next Calgary storm! Call us and let’s get your door automated.


(403) 667-2190

Why Choose Garage Door Repairman Dalhousie?

There’s no one who cares as much about your garage door as we do.

Our team only does garage doors and garage door openers, so we are experts in every facet. We can diagnose problems fast and propose the best and most cost-effective solutions. That’s exactly what we do too. Not to mention that we’re on call when you need us, even in an emergency. So, whether you need routine maintenance and servicing, replacement, or a new garage door opener, we can help.

With the very best team in the city, and the highest quality parts and products, you can rely on us. Our garage door services are the best you will find.

Dalhousie garage door services

Like every other complex system, garage doors have lots of moving parts. There are mechanical parts, electronics and more. It takes a real professional to know what to do when things go wrong. Don’t waste time trying to find the problem. A quick call is all it takes to get a specialist to your door!

As long as the replacement parts are available from our suppliers, we are able to repair most garage door mechanisms and frames.  We also hold many of the more common part within our own stock.

In general it is difficult to say accurately as each repair may require a different amount of work, common repairs usually take will take between 20 mins to 1 hour.

If you are not home during the time of repair this is not a problem, as long as access to the garage can be arranged either by leaving a key with a neighbour, leaving a key in a safe position, or possibly leaving the garage door unlocked. The engineer will then complete the work and can either return the key to the neighbour or safe place, or post the key through the letter box of your property.
As general practice we book all of our appointments in advance by about 2-3 working days, (during busier times this may increase due to demand).
Yes we do repair many different old garage doors. We are able to repair these using replica parts that are still currently produced even though the manufacturer may be out of business.


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