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Is your garage door broken? Maybe it’s not fully functional? Perhaps it doesn’t open or close on the first try, or it’s making some new (at times, scary) noises. In extreme cases your door may simply get stuck, revealing the contents of your garage to anyone passing by. For local garage door repairs, Garage Door Repair Man has got you covered.

A garage door can actually be rather complex devices and even a bit dangerous to repair on your own. For instance, the springs used in garage doors are tightly coiled and can actually generate a lot of force. Your local garage door repairs technicians are trained professionals who understand the structures and dangers of a garage door.

Reason to call your local garage door repairs

When you call your local garage door repairs professional, they will be able to identify the cause(s) of the problem.

Broken spring

Usually when the door itself doesn’t work like it used to, the problem is the springs. This is a rather common part that breaks over time. Wear-and-tear is a part of life and the springs mobilize every time you open and close a garage door. A quality spring will usually have about 20,000 uses out of them.

Broken remote control

If you have an electrical garage door, it’s possible that the remote control can malfunction or break. It could be a disrupted signal. If the antenna is damaged, the receiver board will be unable to reach it. However it’s also possible the remote needs to be reprogrammed. Our technician will be able to fix it up no problem!

Although, like with all things, with use and time, the remote might simply be dead and therefore unrepairable. For these situations we’ll just have to replace it. garage door repair

Garage door cable replacement

Cables play a vital role in opening and closing your garage doors. With time and use, they also tend to break down. Because they hold a lot of tension, when they do break, they can damage the garage door, cars (or anything in the garage) or seriously injure someone. That’s also why it’s not necessarily the best idea to fix it yourself.

Our experts are trained to replace cables in a safe way. They’ll be able to assess the state of your cables. Often they might be frayed, loose or twisted and sometimes they have broken strands. Whether they need to be fixed or replace, Garage Door Repair offers the best local garage door repair services.

Your local garage door repairs

or any issues concerning your garage door, be it a mechanical problem, technological malfunction, or broken part, a garage door technician will be able to fix it. At Garage Door Repairman, our expert technicians will assess and isolate the issue(s). And because they have all the necessary equipment in their truck, they can fix it within a few hours!

If your garage door is in need of repairs, take action now! Call Garage Door Repairman and get a free quote.


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